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Would you like to insure your goods? Choose the Artoni solution that meets your needs:

assicurazione a spedizione

Per-shipment insurance

One-off insurance per individual shipment

Set your mind at ease and take out the “Per-shipment policy” when one of your shipments requires special insurance coverage against damage.

assicurazione a peso

Freight insurance by weight

Policy with maximum refund extended to 6.20 euro/kg

If the maximum refundable value established by law is not enough, you can take out the “Insurance by weight” policy for all your shipments, which offers 6.20 euro/kg maximum refund for ordinary risks in the event of damage.

assicurazione a valore

Agreed-value policy

Insurance that refunds the declared value

If your freight requires purpose-made insurance coverage, the “Agreed-value policy” ensures that the declared value of your shipments will be refunded in the event of damage the value of the whole shipment, the single package or the value of the kg/goods.