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We deliver a comprehensive range of services in national and international goods transport; designs logistics and supply chain management solutions; choose the solution that best suits your needs



Easter’s going to be a “sweet” time in Italy. This is the result of an analysis conducted within the Artoni network.


Artoni, data travel fast with Extol

Artoni’s adopts a new E.D.I. data exchange solution in collaboration with Primeur and makes information integration with customers both speedy and simple


Artoni Trasporti supports the “M’Illumino di Meno” campaign

Artoni celebrates an important goal: over 2,000,000 kW/h produced during the past three years thanks to 5,700 sq m of photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of its storage facilities.

Anna Maria Artoni participate in the program “Eco della Storia”

Gianni Riotta, Anna Maria Artoni, Pietro Reichlin talk about the Italian industrial history from the post-war to the present.

Anna Maria Artoni tells all in the book entitled “Figli di papà a chi?”

Alberto Orioli’s book entitled “Figli di papà a chi? Storia del movimento che ha cambiato la Confindustria” (“So you think we’re spoilt brats? History of the movement that changed Confindustria”) was presented in Milan, at the headquarters of Il Sole 24 ORE,

Artoni Trasporti: the road towards growth

The 2014-2018 industrial plan, with investments and further development of “customer-related services” has now been presented

Artoni: tangible commitments with an eye to the future

Innovative services; ventures into new business areas; investments in organization structure and further improvement in margins.

Operation center in BRINDISI/TARANTO: new address

Starting from February, 2014 the Artoni operations center in Brindisi/Taranto changes address.