Deliveries to Milan during Expo? You need Artoni

Thanks to our reliable ArtoniExpedit service, you can rely on us for fast restocking and deliveries to the city and province of Milan, especially during Expo.

Vehicles and equipment for deliveries to any destination, even to major multiples, shopping centres, supermarkets, shops, hotels, bars, restaurants.


magazzino_codogno_2 STORAGE FACILITY IN MILAN
Do you need a small or large area near Milan where you can store your goods on pallets during Expo? Your goods will be delivered fast and efficiently to Milan and its province thanks to Artoni’s cutting-edge logistic warehouse.


tipologia_merci DELIVERIES TO MILAN
Daily departures from all Italian cities to ensure that parcels, collective freight and pallets are accurately and promptly delivered to the city and province of Milan. In addition, you can ask for your goods to be delivered by appointment.