More than 13,000 corporate customers, 7 million shipments a year, a network of 70 branches throughout the Italy.


Who we are

Artoni is now one of the major Italian enterprises in the Transport and Integrated Logistics area, with over 13,000 customer companies and 7 million shipments a year. Thanks to our network of 70 branches scattered throughout Italy, we provide a vast range of domestic and international goods transport services and are also able to plan logistic and supply chain management solutions.

Corporate Vision

To be a reference point par excellence in the world of transport and logistics, the most innovative company, the one that proposes the best services, thereby growing to become market leaders, and creating value for our customers, suppliers and employees.


Thanks to our dedication, our team work and values, we are a trustworthy, reliable partner for our customers and can add to their competitive edge.


Our fundamental values are:

  • the central importance of the customer, meaning customer care and satisfaction;
  • innovation, meaning research and application of new technologies and methods of operating that make our services more efficient and ensure their long-term sustainability;
  • transparency, a value that has always characterized our relations with customers and suppliers, because we want our company to be credible and reliable;
  • improve the quality of the work of our customers, suppliers and employees, guided by our dedication to our work.

This we are today, but we are far away from: here is our story.