Always carry your goods throughout Italy with precision, speed and safety.

Artoni’s freight forwarding services in Italy are tailored to suit our customers’ every requirement:


ArtoniExpedit service

Everything, everywhere in Italy.

ArtoniExpedit is an unique highly reliable and customizable freight forwarding services in Italy, able to meet all your transportation needs.

We handle, transport and promptly deliver any type of freight, regardless of its size and weight, to and from any locality in Italy.
Thanks to daily departures from our logistic facilities we guarantee accurate and on-time delivery of your goods.


“Guaranteed” option

On-time and guaranteed delivery, everywhere in Italy.

The new “Guaranteed” option*, guarantees your delivery date within the ArtoniExpedit** standard time-frame (delivery times are available on the Aortoni OnLine customer website).

In order to activate the “Guarantee”, just affix the new ARTONI GUARANTEED sticker; you can request the stickers to your sales account or contacting the nearest Artoni operative center.

With a small surcharge, we guarantee that your goods will be delivered within the standard times provided by the Artoni Expedit service* . If delivery is delayed, you are entitled to have the surcharge reimbursed.

Activation of the “Guaranteed” option involves a freight surcharge. Failure to deliver the freight within the standard time-frame established by the ArtoniExpedit service will entitle the customer to reimbursement of the surcharge only.

*  “Guaranteed” option: for more details, limitations  and exclusions refer to the general Artoni Trasporti contract.

** The standard delivery times of the ArtoniExpedit can be consulted in the Artoni On Line customer portal.


We deliver everything

Thanks to our extensive network, we can handle, transport and deliver any type of freight* to all parts of Italy without limitations as to weight, dimensions, bulk or number of packages:

  • envelopes
  • parcels
  • pallets
  • multiple package shipments
  • bulky freight
  • partially filled containers (LCL)
  • full containers (FCL)

*with the exception of refrigerated goods and dangerous goods that come under ADR classification (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road)


The quality, in every stage of the service

We offer a high quality, customized service that includes:

  • dedicated in-house assistance
  • prompt notifications
  • constantly monitored shipments
  • utmost flexibility as to goods collection and delivery
  • management of returns
  • cutting-edge information system
  • Artoni Online service with detailed information about the shipments and proof of delivery (POD)