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Thanks to the new Pharma service, Artoni Trasporti has now become a top player when it comes to temperature-controlled delivery of medicinal, diagnostic and biomedical products throughout Italy.

Temperature controlled transportation at all stages

Artoni Pharma, the domestic network for pharmaceuticals, provides enterprises in this particular sector with a controlled temperature delivery service (+2/+8°C and +8/25°C).

Artoni Pharma service solution:

  • Fast delivers throughout Italy without weight limitations
  • Temperature controlled transportation at all stages
  • Binding delivery times available on request
  • Full truck load (FTL) or partial truck load (LTL) services available
  • Freight tracking
  • Restricted area for online freight forwarding management (Artoni OnLine service)


Use of cold storage rooms and insulated vehicles guarantees an unbroken cold chain. Both storage facilities and vehicles are constantly monitored by probes that record all temperature variations, while the transportation stages are monitored by procedures that guarantee compliance with the standards.

The types of products we transport:

    • Pharmaceutical products
    • Over-the-counter dugs
    • Life-saving products
    • Biotechnology products
    • Products for clinical experimentation
    • Vaccines
    • Herbal medicinal products
    • Cosmetics
    • Homedopatic medicinal products
    • Integratori alimentari
    • Foodstuff
    • Dietetic products
    • Electro-medical equipment
    • Reagent for laboratories

Our customers are:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Pharmaceutica depositaries
  • Pharmaceutical wholesalers
  • Pharmacies

We deliver to the following distribution channels:

  • Pharmacies
  • Parapharmacies
  • Wholesalers
  • Hospitals
  • Local Health Departments
  • Medical laboratories
  • Nursing homes
  • Clinical trial centres
  • Doctor’s surgeries and veterinary practices
  • Medical-scientific sales consultants
  • Large scale retail channel
  • Private individuals