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Artoni: Logistics gets smart and help to launch new products


The new Smart logistics service helps companies to launch new products and promotional campaigns

REGGIO EMILIA July, 09.2013 – Artoni has developed a new specialized Smart logistics service in Codogno’s logistics hub (Lo) to help companies launch new products and promotional campaigns.

Thanks to experience acquired by working with leading enterprises in sectors such as the music industry, consumer electronics, the automotive and dry foods industries, Artoni can now assist customers with their logistics activities during promotional campaigns and when new products are launched by offering a Smart logistics solution able to ensure time-frames that are perfectly synchronized with the communication and advertising campaigns. It’s this synchronization that allows end consumers to find the new products in the shops as soon as they are launched.

Just another solution provided by Artoni to help Italian companies facing the current crisis. Product innovation is one of the most efficacious ways of dealing with increasing pressure from competitors. This means that it’s becoming even more important to manage the entire product launch process in the correct way.

Thanks to the investments in technologies, automation and information system integration made in the Codogno hub, Artoni is able to ensure correct order preparation, packaging of promotional kits, accurate goods packaging and, thanks to its freight forwarding services, prompt delivery to the retail outlets.

Deliveries can be made through different routes to market: from major multiples to shopping centres, hypermarkets and even small neighbourhood stores.

Artoni’s main logistics centre (covering some 24,000 square metres and with room for 28,000 pallets) possesses an advanced automated warehouse able to handle 120 pallets/hour in 13,400 pallet positions.

Operative since 2009, Artoni’s logistics hub at Codogno has been designed according to TAPA EMEA safety standards and features the most advanced control and safety technologies.

The Codogno hub is linked daily to the Artoni operation centres, thereby ensuring rapid deliveries throughout Italy. It’s Artoni’s answer to the logistics requirements of the Italian enterprises, which range from complete outsourcing of all the logistic cycle tasks to simple goods storage on a temporary basis.

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