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Pharmaceutical Additional Services

Your pharmaceutical shipments can be customized by selecting the accessory services most suited to your needs.

You can customize Artoni Pharma service with a wide choice of options that suite best your needs for the transport and distribution of medicinal drugs.


Additional Services Description
C.O.D. deliveries Delivery of the shipment upon receipt of payment, by the consignee, of the sum indicated in the invoice (C.O.D. delivery), which will then be credited to the sender. According to art. 49 of Law Decree D.L. 231/2007, in Italy cash payments may not exceed 999.99 euro.
Undelivered goods The sender is informed that the goods could not be delivered and gives instructions as to how to proceed.
Deliveries to site Goods delivered and picked up to/from the storeys of buildings, basements or to/from any other place differing from on-board trucks. Ideal for deliveries straight to hospital departments, to the offices of medical-scientific sales consultants, private individuals, doctors’ surgeries, etc. For deliveries to the storage facilities of pharmacies, parapharmacies, medical laboratories, nursing homes, etc.
Hydraulic tail-lift Goods delivered and picked up using vehicles with hydraulic tail lifts or any other means that facilitate handling work.
Stopover Deliveries and pick ups requiring waiting time.
Supermarket and chain stores Goods delivered and picked up to/from supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping centres and chain stores.
Phone notification Phone service for booking deliveries or collection of shipments. Ideal for deliveries to medical-scientific sales consultants and private individuals.
Proof of delivery (POD) Document with consignee’s signature that proves the goods have been delivered. Can be provided in the hard copy or soft copy form.
Variations after goods acceptance Allows the sender to change the data in the transport document of a shipment already entrusted to Artoni.