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Artoni Moving Green

It's easy to be greener


Alternative energy

The environment is a priority issue for Artoni. So much so, we have decided to make a tangible effort towards eco-sustainability by launching a plan that would adapt our operation centres to photovoltaic technology, thereby achieving self-sufficiency energy-wise and reducing CO2 emissions. Thus the italian operation centres of (PI), San Giuliano Milanese (MI), Mairano (BS), Caorso (PC), Mantova, Campogalliano (MO), Cepagatti (PE) and Codogno (LO) have all been equipped with PV systems. At the present time (9 installations terminated), the panels cover a total area amounting to some 5724 sq m with an annual power production of approx. 740,700 KWh corresponding to 370,359 kg less CO2 emissions in a year. In detail:

PV system - annual data

OPERATION CENTRE Panels SQ M Power KWh/year Saving in CO2 (kg)
LO – Codogno 1.642,20 193,20 212.520 106.260
MO – Campogalliano 848,47 99,82 109.802 54.901
MI – S. Giuliano 641,24 75,44 82.984 41.492
BS – Mairano 516,12 60,72 66.792 33.396
PI- Pontedera 494,70 58,20 64.020 32.010
PR – Fontevivo 422,28 49,68 54.648 27.324
PE – Cepagatti 408,00 48,00 52.800 26.400
PC – Caorso 375,36 44,16 48.576 24.288
MN – Mantua 375,36 44,16 48.576 24.288
To date, the photovoltaic project has proved to be economically sustainable. Throughout the entire 12-month period, the installations produced renewable electric power amounting to an overall € 300,000.00, i.e. 75% of the energy requirement of the operation centres. Moreover, we’re producing over 370 tons less CO2 a year.

Eco-friendly paper

Care for the environment also involves everyday decisions, thus Artoni has opted for chlorine-free eco-friendly paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC mark identifies products that contain wood from forests managed in a correct and responsible way, in accordance with stringent environmental, social and economic standards. By choosing FSC-certified products, consumers can actively contribute towards improving the way the world’s forests are managed, thereby encouraging the certification of new forest areas and new timber conversion enterprises. Transparency of the FSC system, considered the most credible forest certification standard and backed by the principal environmental associations of Italy and the world (Greenpeace, WWF, Legambiente, Friends of the Earth, etc.), is assured thanks to experience acquired throughout the years in conjunction with appropriate review, monitoring and accrediting procedures.


Eco-friendly operational tools

Artoni proposes reports, information and documents all strictly in the soft copy format, all strictly paper-free.

  • Online Reporting: electronic info and reports about shipments
  • Online Invoicing: e-billing service
  • Track And Tracing: allows you to trace your shipments online and follow their progress through to delivery
  • POD: electronic proof of delivery
  • Downloads: electronic documents and info concerning Artoni and the services offered

Waste sorting

Artoni is well aware that considerable savings in both energy and raw materials can be achieved by recycling waste. This is why we have been separating our discarded wood, plastic, paper and cardboard for years as part of our waste sorting project.Throwing something away is tantamount to throwing away the energy used to produce it. Moreover, manufacturing things with recycled materials requires less energy than if they were made with raw materials. This sort of action curbs the exploitation of precious resources, many of which are already scarce. It also reduces the amount of waste to be disposed of, which is a problem in itself. You need 15 tall trees, 400,000 litres of water and a great deal of electricity to produce a ton of new paper. This same ton of recycled paper prevents us from having to use other trees, meaning oxygen for us to breathe, while saving 95% of the water and 50% of the electricity required. 1,750,000 tons of waste paper are collected in Italy each year. Recycling also means saving the cost of taking the waste to landfills.


Eco-friendly pallets

Concern for the environment is also a feature of Artoni’s warehouses, where the goods are only handled on eco-friendly EUR EPAL wooden pallets. The environmental impact of a wooden pallet is 5 times less than that of a plastic one, while a wooden pallet is more easily reusable than a cardboard pallet. This is confirmed by research published by the Pennsylvania State University, which gave extremely favourable results for wooden pallets as to carbon dioxide emission equivalents.The results published show that the life of an EUR EPAL pallet helps to mitigate the greenhouse effect to a considerable extent. Each single pallet removes a total 18.4 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent from the air.In 2010 alone, 1,229,432 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent were removed from the atmosphere, of which 108,893 tons in Italy. This means that, thanks to EUR EPAL pallets, greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the power requirements of a city like Rome are compensated in Europe each year.


Optimized vehicle routes

The Artoni plan for rationalizing and optimizing the vehicle routes helps our drivers each day to increase their efficiency by reducing driving time and, consequently, the vehicles’ impact on the environment.We move your goods today without endangering the future.