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Artoni, data travel fast with Extol


Artoni's adopts a new E.D.I. data exchange solution in collaboration with Primeur and makes information integration with customers both speedy and simple

Reggio Emilia, 04.04.2014 – Thanks to the EXTOL platform developed in collaboration with Primeur, Artoni, one of Italy’s major transport and logistics enterprises, can now propose an E.D.I. data exchange system for customers based on international standards that’s simple, quick to create and completely free of charge. A streamlined and efficient solution for integrating requests to pick up goods, shipment data and instructions for undelivered goods.

Extraordinarily flexible and user-friendly, the EXTOL platform will allow Artoni to provide customers with a “turn-key” solution within just a few days, one able to interpret a vast number of data types without requiring complicated technical interventions.

This new service will certainly enhance our business support and guarantee high-level integration between Artoni and its customers by speeding up our shipment formalities and reducing the risk of errors that can occur when information is processed in the manual mode.