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Artoni presents the eco-friendly invoice

Sent by email, the eco-friendly invoice is an important part of the Artoni Moving Green program

REGGIO EMILIA, APRIL 9,  2013 – Artoni Trasporti invests in new solutions targeted on all-round sustainability, meaning respect for the environment and for non-renewable resources but also with a view to cost containment and regaining a competitive advantage. After having optimized the loading phases and vehicle routes so as to reduce the number of kilometers covered and, thus, the relative CO2 emissions, the Artoni Moving Green program is now focused on the production of clean energy by installing PV roofing on the main warehouses, thereby cutting down on the need for fossil fuels, and on the development of paper-free processes. Eliminating tons of paper from the work cycle is possible. This is why Artoni is now proposing an e-billing service with invoices in the digital format.

Offered to over 10 thousand customers in 2012, the first reactions to the initiative have been positive: there have been over 3,000 kg less CO2 emissions. Customers receive their invoices promptly in a digital format (Pdf), which can be easily filed and consulted.

Sent by email, the eco-friendly invoice is an important part of the Artoni Moving Green program which, when it was launched in 2011, was selected as one of the finalists in the Sodalitas Social Award initiative.

The Artoni Moving Green program aims to reduce the environmental impact deriving from the direct and indirect emissions produced by Artoni while increasing the production of energy from renewable sources, encouraging in-house policies targeted on recycling and reducing the use of non-renewable raw materials, optimizing the transport services and goods consolidation.

Thanks to the Artoni Moving Green program, the eco-sustainability of nine branches has been successfully increased by the installation of photovoltaic panels, allowing them to become energy self-sufficient. Artoni’s operating centers of Parma and Pontedera (PI), San Giuliano Milanese (MI), Mairano (BS), Caorso (PC), Mantova, Campogalliano (MO), Cepagatti (PE) and Codogno (LO) have all been equipped with photovoltaic systems.

At the present time, the panels cover an area amounting to some 5,600 sq m with an annual power production of 828,000 KWh corresponding to 414,000 kg less CO2 emissions in a year (2012 data).

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