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ArtoniExpedit: a brand new service with a “Guaranteed” option


Artoni Trasporti upgrades its range of freight forwarding services in Italy.

The traditional transport service and Expedit, the express service, now join forces to become ArtoniExpedit, a fast service for all requirements: from documents and small parcels to pallets and full loads.

The new “Guaranteed” option*, guarantees your delivery date within the ArtoniExpedit** standard time-frame and allows you to benefit from the innovative “money-back guarantee”.

To activate the “Guarantee”, just affix the new ARTONI GUARANTEED sticker or the ARTONI URGENT sticker already in your possession, to the transport document.

More details are available on this webpage or contacting the nearest Artoni operation center.

* Activation of the “Guaranteed” option involves a freight surcharge. Failure to deliver the freight within the standard time-frame established by the ArtoniExpedit service will entitle you to reimbursement of the surcharge only. Please refer to the general terms of the Artoni Trasporti contract of carriage for further details, limitations and exclusions.
 **The standard delivery times of the ArtoniExpedit can be consulted in the Artoni On Line customer portal.