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Artoni Pharma: the “key” to innovation, in safe conditions

The new Artoni Pharma service, dedicated to transporting pharmaceuticals, is now operating: temperature-controlled forwarding, traceability and a widespread network that's been guaranteeing safety, quality and prompt deliveries for the past 80 years.

REGGIO EMILIA 18.06.14 – The industrial plan launched by Artoni now includes a new service, i.e. Artoni Pharma, dedicated to the distribution of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biomedical, veterinary products and cosmetics at +2/+8°C and +8/+25 °C controlled temperatures, and able to guarantee prompt deliveries throughout Italy.

Part of the investment plan undertaken by the company for the purpose of creating the Artoni Pharma network included installation of temperature-controlled storerooms in various operating centres in Italy. Each storeroom has a dedicated area equipped with advanced safety systems and sophisticated technologies able to keep the temperature constantly monitored.

To optimize the Artoni Pharma service, Artoni has developed a +2/+8°C and +8/+25 °C controlled-temperature distribution network allowing medicines and health products to reach their destinations on a regular basis, while providing customers with prompt responses and running costs in line with the expectations.

Artoni’s proven ability to provide customers with an extensive service is an important advantage, considering the many different types of customers and consignees to whom this service is addressed: pharmacies, parapharmacies, wholesalers, Local Health Departments, hospitals, analysis laboratories, doctors’ and veterinary surgeries, medical-scientific sales consultants, large-scale distribution channels and private individuals.