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Artoni steps up its online presence

New website and new Web Marketing Plan

Reggio Emilia, 3 June 2013 – Artoni Trasporti steps up its online presence and launches the new website in the eightieth year since its establishment.

This investment in a new web access point is a sign that the transport and logistics industry is very much alive and ready to help companies with new services that can be accessed via the Internet using smartphones and tablets. It’s a precise strategy. Artoni knows that every part of the industrial sector, including transport and logistics services, can play an active part in supporting the development projects of Italy’s economic system. A new web portal can provide a competitive edge.

Artoni’s decisive policy is clear: services and solutions are given pride of place in the website.

Access to the Freight Forwarding in Italy, Freight Forwarding in Europe, Global Forwarding, Logistics, Port Services and Online Services is immediate: just “click” on the icons.

You can monitor the progress of a shipment in real time or contact an Artoni operation centre from your smartphone or tablet even when you’re not in the office.

Instructions and information about deliveries and pick ups in real time means added value in a sector like logistics and transport, so liable to be influenced by external factors in both Italy and abroad.

Access to the customers’ area from the home page leads you straight through the gateway of access to Artoni. The information is clear and detailed: it’s easy to find the nearest Artoni operation centre, receive an estimate or ask to be called. It’s a shared working instrument for Artoni customers and for all those who want to know the range of services offered. Online from June onwards, Artoni’s new website is just the first step towards new forms of communication.