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The Artoni truck I’ve always dreamed of? 2093 it’ll be a spacecraft


There were prizes for the winners of the Drawing Competition organized to mark the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Artoni Trasporti. The drawings will turned into the 2014 calendar and a book.

The history and future of a great enterprise can be told with a drawing and this was proved by the first Drawing Competition organized by Artoni Trasporti to mark the 80th anniversary of its establishment.

The winner was Matteo, aged 12, who was awarded a latest generation tablet. But a prize went to all the participants, because everybody had won. Matteo cleverly linked Artoni’s origins, the red truck dated 1933, to the present day and the new global visions of freight forwarding and logistics. Then he dreamed, and this was the spirit of the competition. He dreamed of 2093 and the truck turned into a spacecraft able to consign goods to aliens as well.

“From Earth to Outer Space.. a dream that’s been going on for 160 years and one that’s worth thinking about,” commented Anna Maria Artoni, Managing Director of Artoni Trasporti. “The new generations, with their imagination and creativity, must inspire us each day in our endeavour to come up with ideas and pioneering solutions that will allow us to constantly improve the quality of our work. We are really satisfied about the large number of participants in the Drawing Competition, which was reserved to those of our employees’ children aged 6 to 14 years and was organized to underscore our company’s eightieth anniversary and its ability to look to the future.”